By Siw A Bech

Innocent (8) has a special story. His mother was raped when she was 14. As a result of this she gave birth to a child when she was only 15. Her family had big problems accepting this, and sent her away. Early pregnancy is a shame in Africa, and rape is no exception. For years they’ve had a trouble life. Even Innocent is innocent (the solid reason why he was given the name), his mother is not always capable of taking care of her son.

When I came to Uganda, Innocent lived with a friend of his mother, a Pastor, partly because school fees was to high were she lives. I paid fees for the next year, bought the new school uniform, shoes, books, pencils and more – and brought Innocent back to his mother. They live in a house where expences is covered, together with other members of the house. They are all commited in taking care of him.

Innocent is totally changed after he was brought back, and even there are problems, bringing him to his mother still feels right. He is a jolly boy, singing, laughing, and talking, in the beginning he was whispering one-word answers only. I’m working on a video interview of Innocent and his mothers story, that will be used in an exhibit later on.

One of the facebook-mattresses went to him!