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By Siw Amina Bech

To create an easy and transparent system for the money that is coming into this story, I have now decided to establish a fund! The fund will take care of everything included in The Story Of Sleep Well – also Innocent and Sarah. In fact, it is all connected!

The mattresses: There’s no real way to help people understand the poverty we see around us in Africa, but even if the poorest may need some help with small things like a mattress, learning skills and commitment is the most important. That’s why each mattress comes with a “contract”: learning how to read and write – and thats why even a mattress is a big thing! The temporary school is slowly taking form, and we have started to raise money for the new one. Will update about this as the story progresses!

Funny though: I went to Uganda to do an art project about Trauma and Dreams – a trip that became so much more (and longer) than I thought.. and I know now: Everybody can do a little, and achieve a lot. Small stories is the next big thing!