By Siw Amina

Nov 11th – on the hospital: (pic.) Sarah is signing the documents that allows me to take care of her (until she is 18) basically economically, to secure her future. It’s not only me that is helping her though.. A lot of people in Norway is already engaged in this! The lady in red will be Sarahs contact while I’m outside Uganda, and Sarah will also have a room in their house to come to in holidays and so. The girl to the left is Sarahs friend, and she is also helping out! My plan is that Sarah will start on a Boarding School after Christmas – if everything is ok at that point. This is Sarahs wish as well! She has already lost 4 years/classes, so she wants to go back to school as soon as possible. In my opinion – when the situation is like it is, Boarding School is the best. Also because the main focus then is the school!

First money that came in for Sarah, was used to buy all equipment she needed at the hospital (here you have to bring it all, even a mattress to put on the bed – and all medisins!). I also bought some clothings, books, shoes and more. Next week we are going to speak with a specialist, that can advice us on the further steps on treatment. More to follow!

Btw.: If anyone have some suggestions on a way to keep the accounts transparent and simple, please contact me! I’m thinking about a fund, but I’m open for all opinions on this! It is necessary also to open an account in Uganda, which allows Sarahs contact to get out a certain amount each month. Have to pay a little for the room in her house as well, food and necessaries.. And maybe some pocket money? Wondering also if the fund can include the plan for the school in Malindi (read about the project), or if this should be separated. Maybe the fund could have separate posts? Share your opinion!

From the left: Happy (Sarahs friend), Hadijet and Sarah.Sarah looking at new clothes and books, given by support from Norway.