Today we had a really nice talk with Sarah outside the hospital. She doesn’t know english, but with Hadjet as an interpreter, it worked out just fine. Sarahs language is Lusoga, and she is from the tribe Basoga, eastern neighbors of the Baganda. I wanted to hear what Sarahs thoughts and wishes were. Luckily we were on the same wave, so she will start at a Boarding School in Feb 2012.Later we visited Sarahs old home town to get the signed paper work from LOC and her parents. We got them without any problems! Sarahs father had been scared when the LOC showed up, because he knows he ambanded her. Her mother however was happy, even she actually signed Sarah away from her.

Her Story

Sarahs parents moved away from eachother before Sarah was born. She lived alone with her mother the first years. Her father picked her up when she was 4, and placed her in the house of a distant relative. Sarahs mother was mentally ill, and her father had got a new wife that didn’t want Sarah to stay in their house. The realtive sent Sarah back to the father when she was 12. Her feets had then started to grow, an issues they couldn’t handle – as they thought it was something “unnatural” going on. She stayed with her father for one year, but his new wife never accepted this and finally sent her away. She found an old lady (by luck) that took her into her house, and she stayed there for about one and a half year. Then the old lady got sick, and was sent away by her relatives. Sarah stayed alone in her empty house for two month. In october ’11 an elderly neighbor moved Sarah into his house, were she funtioned as his “wife” (Sarahs words). The sad thing is that her parents knew, and lives pretty close to this man. Nobody cared! Sarah stayed with the man for two weeks, until the day me, Zakie and Happy found her (images here).

Today she is totally different person, with a big smile!