House of two SarahsSoft Power extended (an intro further down).

Sarah is out of hospital, until she is ready for the operation. Think we’ll now how and when on sunday. She is now in her new home outside Jinja, and everything turned out better than I ever hoped. Here Sarah also met Sarah (2), an orphant from the same area as herself – and also the same tribe: Bugosa. They share a similar background, and found each other immediately.

The Two SarahsI’ve bought material to fix up an old building for both Sarahs to live together, on the land of Hadjet. Sarah has got a couple of sponsors from Norway, that will provide some money for her every month, for medisins, food, school etc., but the house I had to pay for myself. I’m thinking about the possibility of raising a small building with more rooms, as it was very difficult find a good place for Sarah to stay. No one – either families or orphants homes, wanted to take teens. It’s a big need, as it is alot of young girls (and also young mothers) here that for various reasons are left alone.

House of Two Sarahs

With the two Sarahs in thoughts, I started mind drawing the concept House of Two Sarahs – a new and different ‘rooming’ that house and train teens (Soft Power extended). I’m looking at the possibility for intercultural exchange, where internationals can come and share their different skills in an artisan or ‘master-in-residence’ program, in exchange for food and accommodation. My plan is that the house will be raised by a relatively small group of financial supporters – who’ll have a close relational connection to the progress of it. In return, locals have to provide the land (which they’ve already done – same spot as the Soft Power building, in Malindi). The house should be economically self-sustaining within a given period.

The planning is in it’s first steps, and will need some time to mature.
Coming back to it!
Sharing some pics from the moving:

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