Today we had a walk around the ‘Mama Wa Miti‘-land in Malindi, and the location where Soft Power is intended raised! It has a view to the river Nile! The realization will happen as a co-up between Mama Wa Miti, and Norwegian Mirembefondet (The Mirembe Fund), wich is a new established project fund for developing women-own sustainable businesses in the area of Art & Crafts in Uganda. There is also plans for rooming and training of teens without network/family, through House of Two Sarahs. Mirembe was a name given by the womens network in Malindi. As a gesture of respect, as they are an important part of this, it was decided used for the fund. Mirembe means ‘peace’ in Luganda.

The project has already got it’s first funding: NOK 5000,- from a company in Norway, Nordic Shelter AS.

Soft Power can be built right on the top hereThe land is beautiful!