It’s said that 60 % of street kids and youth in Jinja live of theft, as a means of survival. I just met a couple of them – on my last evening in Uganda, and my bag containing money, camera, some documents and my passport, is forever lost! Had to postpone my travel, as I needed time to arrange with a new passport. Anyway, I wanted to stay an extra week, and so I was given… New retour is December 8.

There has been some experiences during this trip, both positive and negative, and I would say 99% of the negative ones have had to do with money (in one way or another). Some people seems to think that europeans can use money like it’s falling from a tree. There is a lot of stories told, one more sad after the other – but truth and lies mesh and blend. People are desperat and lie very easily. The most tragic lie I’ve experienced was a story about the death of a son, to have money for the funeral. I have paid school fees for kids, to experience that the next moment the kid is beeing used to get more. I’ve been provided with the most interesting budgeting!

Said this, there is good people around! The situation here is just making some people frantic. Even indulging in self-pity now, I would recommend coming here! Just have to be a little bit careful!