Found this image (to the left) by googling: In the 1930s demonstrators marched through the streets of London carrying a banner reading “Organize or Starve”. This message is as true today – change must come from within.
Uganda is one of the countries in the world that is characterized by rampart corruption, and at the same time: one of the biggest aid receivers. Despite this, there seems to exist a taboo in discussing corruption – especially in humanitarian assistance.
Personally I found it difficult to trust people in Uganda (also got the ‘pleasure’ of beeing robbed as well as having my bank account hacked & ripped off), but have learned that it is necessary to find a balance between trust & control, trust & my own anxiety. You’ll meet a lot of sad situations when moving around in Uganda, but I got a feeling that some of them was also created by my own prejudices and values as a visitor.
The most important thing I learned was the necessity of including the locals in projects. There’s a big need for a more effective communication, and to include locals in whatever supportive work you do. Fighting poverty starts at home and in the community.